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Fee-Based Program

ABC EXCELS Fee-Based Program


All students have access to the ABC EXCELS after-school programs. Students who do not qualify as free for ABC EXCELS can still participate based on the following fee-based program structure. Please note that the price is a YEARLY cost that is divided into equal monthly payments over ten months. 


Fee Schedule




Less than 3 hours



Full Time

3.25 to 4.75 hours



Full Time Plus

5 hours or more



Morning Time

Begins at 7 AM

Only for schools whose start time is between 8:30 AM - 9:15 AM



Middle School Rate

From dismissal until 6:00 pm




*Each additional sibling will receive a $15 discount. (The oldest sibling will be at the normal rate.)


Upon enrollment, parents receive and sign a contract from the Child Development Office at the District Office West (DOW) that details their monthly payment information according to how much time their child participates in the program. Parents must adhere to the contract for their child to participate in ABC EXCELS. 


Contact the ABCUSD Child Development office with any questions at (562) 229-7985.